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Who is Sadio Mane’s wife? Does he even have one? These are the questions that have affected Bayern Munich fans for several seasons. Despite being a well-known and sought-after finisher, not to mention one of the most costly, Mane lives a very humble existence.

Unlike other football players, he does not flaunt his large wages, relationships, or personal life. Mane lives a quiet life away from the field. As a result, the question of his wife and girlfriend remains a mystery. The solutions can be found in the details that follow.

Quick Bio

Full Name:  Melissa Reddy Sadio Mane
Birth Date:    August 24, 1987 April 10, 1992
Profession sports journalist and presenter professional footballer 
Dating Sadio Mane Melissa Reddy
Children N/A N/A
Nationality Indian Senegalese
Parents unknown unknown

Who is Sadio Mane’s Wife? Is He Married?

Sadio Mane is not married although it is rumored that he is meeting his high school sweetheart, Melissa Reddy. As the football star’s followers eagerly await more details about his personal life, speculations are rife about the nature of their relationship.

While some dismiss Sadio and Melissa’s romance as mere rumors, many media sites insist that they are in a genuine and happy relationship. With suspicions spreading, the couple may soon decide to address their relationship and put a stop to public curiosity.

Melissa Reddy, like her accused partner, works as a senior correspondent for Sky Sports, mostly covering the Premier League. His fans appreciate his charming demeanor, and he is famous for his book “Believe Us: How Jürgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Title Winners”, among other achievements.

Sadio Mane Wife

Who Is Melissa Reddy?

Melissa Reddy was born in 1986 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She studied media and communications at the University of the Witwatersrand and began her journalism career after graduation. He worked for a number of South African news publications before moving to the UK in 2012 to join She joined Sky Sports News in 2014, where she currently works as a senior reporter.

Renowned journalist Melissa Reddy has interviewed some of football’s top names, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jürgen Klopp. His book “Believe Us: How Jürgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Title Champions” delves further into his experience on the subject.

Reddy’s alleged affair with Sadio Mane first came to the fore in 2017. They were seen holding each other’s hands at various functions and were even photographed together. On the other hand, Melissa and Sadio have never made an official announcement of their relationship.

Melissa Reddy is an inspiration to many because of her talent as a writer and her advocacy for women in sports. His powerful work in the world of football will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark and continue to drive positive change.

Melissa Reddy’s Personal Life

Melissa Reddy arrived in the world in 1986 in South Africa. She is a lifelong Liverpool fan who began her career in sports journalism in 2007. She has worked on a variety of outlets, including, ESPN FC, and The Free. She joined Sky Sports as a senior correspondent in 2022. Reddy is a private person who doesn’t reveal anything about her personal life. Despite this, she is known to be a single parent.

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Melissa Reddy’s career:

Reddy has had a successful career as a sports reporter. She has been in charge of Liverpool Football Club for over ten years and has developed areas of strength as an educated and astute journalist. She has also hosted a few Sky Sports News broadcasts, including Soccer AM and The Discussion. ESPN FC Liverpool CorrespondentCorrespondent in Liverpool
Sky Sports News Senior Reporter Independent Senior Football Correspondent
Reddy was named Ladies’ Football Author of the Year by the Football Essayists’ Association in 2019. She was also nominated for a similar award in 2020 and 2021.

Reddy is a role model for female sports reporters. She is a talented and determined journalist who has made remarkable progress in her career.

Sadio Mane Wife

Sadio Mane & Melissa Reddy Relationship Status

Melissa Reddy is a South African games journalist and designer who is now involved with Liverpool FC star Sadio Mané. Two or three have been together for a long time, but their relationship has remained somewhat concealed.

Over time, they have become each other’s mainstays of assistance, participating in and supporting each other in their respective sports and events. Regardless of the public attention around their relationship, Sadio and Melissa have managed to maintain a position of safety by refusing to reveal much about their personal life. This protection has enabled them to assist important areas of strength for a steadfast through bond that continues to thrive.

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How did Sadio Mane & Melissa Reddy meet First Time?

Reddy and Mane became friends after they were interviewed for a story about their time at Southampton FC. Their conversation sparked an instant connection, prompting them to begin dating shortly after. They have been tremendously supportive of each other’s professions throughout their journey, enthusiastically attending each other’s games and events.

Despite their happiness, Reddy and Mane have not made any public announcement about their wedding preparations. Because they are private people, they choose to keep their personal lives away from the limelight and cherish their relationships in a more private way. Their focus remains on growing their love and celebrating the unique connection between them.


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Do Sadio Mane & Melissa Reddy Have Kids?

No, they both are not parents of any kids. As soon as they will get married after that they will plan for the next step.

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Interesting Facts About Melissa Reddy

  • He is 5’5″ tall and weighs around 120 pounds.
  • She is the first woman to serve as head of football at TeamTalk Media.
  • She is the first female football analyst to appear on SuperSport’s flagship series Backpages and Monday Night Football.
  •  wrote the book “Believe Us: How Jurgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Champions”.
  • Her hair is black and her eyes are brown.
  • She follows Liverpool FC and the South African national team.
  • She only eats vegetables.
  • He is bilingual (English and Afrikaans).


The famous football star Sadio Mane is said to be dating his high school sweetheart, Melissa Reddy. Despite their longtime relationship, the pair have kept it quiet. Sky Sports senior journalist Reddy has interviewed Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jürgen Klopp for her book “Believe Us: How Jürgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Title Winners”.

South African games journalist and designer Melissa Reddy has worked for, ESPN FC, and The Free. The Football Essayists’ Association recognized her Ladies’ Football Author of the Year in 2019 and nominated her in 2020 and 2021. She is a role model for female sports writers and has advanced her career.

Sadio and Melissa have not announced their wedding plans since they prefer to keep their personal life private and preserve their connections. They have no children, but they will plan after getting married.

Melissa Reddy, TeamTalk Media’s first female football head coach, is 5’5″ and 120 pounds. She is SuperSport’s first female football analyst on Backpages and Monday Night Football.


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