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Rob Schneider, who was born on October 31, 1963, is a well-known American actor, comedian, and director. Schneider has made an unforgettable impression on comedy, film, and television over the course of his career.

Rob Schneider was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up in a humorous household. His father was a real estate dealer, and his mother was a former kindergarten teacher, thus he grew up in a family that encouraged his humorous abilities.

Schneider rose to prominence as a stand-up comedian in the late 1980s. His particular sense of humor, marked by odd characters and insightful insights, garnered him fame and led to appearances on popular shows such as “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Schneider got his big break when he joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) in 1990, where he became a regular cast member noted for his distinctive characters and catchphrases.
Schneider rose to stardom on Saturday Night Live and went on to star in a succession of successful comedies. He is most recognized for his work with fellow comedian Adam Sandler in films such as “The Waterboy,” “Big Daddy,” and “Grown Ups.” Schneider’s ability to play a variety of humorous parts, from quirky sidekicks to leading males, cemented his place in Hollywood.

Schneider’s most famous part was as the title character in the film “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” in which he played a fish tank cleaner turned male escort. The film’s success inspired a sequel, which further emphasized Schneider’s distinct comedic style.

Who is Rob Schneider’s wife? All about her

How did Patricia and Rob Meet:

Patricia took on a production role for a play in 2007, which brought the couple together. Despite a 25-year age difference, their mutual desire was evident. Patricia and Rob went on a romantic adventure after their first meeting.

During his visit on the Howard Stern Show, Rob recounted a hilarious account of their first meeting. He described how Patricia insisted on bringing her mother on their date, which resulted in a hilarious meal reservation for three. “Seeing Patricia, I also saw her mother,” Rob joked. So, ‘Reservations for three,’ you know? The key was my mum, with whom I am still friendly. I’m still on Mom’s duty after eight years of marriage.”

rob schneider’s wife

Their love journey culminated on April 23, 2011, when they married in Beverly Hills. Patricia was embarking on her first marriage, while Rob was embarking on his third. As fate would have it, the third time proved to be the charm.

“Patience and I experienced the happiest day of our lives,” Rob said, summarizing the wonderful occasion. The wedding was a wonderful event, and we are looking forward to our honeymoon excursions.”

Patricia and Rob’s Children

In 2012, the universe blessed Rob Schneider and his partner with the birth of their first child, a beautiful daughter named Miranda Scarlett Schneider.

Fast forward four years to 2016, when they welcomed their second daughter, the lovely Madeline Robbie Schneider, into the world.

“Throughout my early years, my father was deeply engrossed in his work,” Elle King openly confessed to People magazine, reflecting on her own upbringing and the transformation in their relationship. Since then, both of us have grown significantly. The priorities of life become very plain.” “I aspired to create cherished memories for my sisters as they blossomed through childhood,” Elle said of reconciling with her father after the birth of her half-sisters. The essence of family is absolutely priceless. My role was centered on being a pleasant presence for them, with no ulterior intentions. All the extra complication fades away when it’s just about the kids. I have a lot of feelings for him.”

“The profound significance of family has prevailed through it all,” she ended warmly. All the extraneous noise fades away on this voyage because the essence is the children. My affection for him continues.”

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Professionally worked together

Rob and Patricia’s collaboration endeavors represented a variety of ventures, one notable example being the reality television series “Real Rob.” In terms of their creative approach, the couple revealed that, while they co-write the series, they do not write concurrently due to their common stubbornness. Patricia joked with Howard Stern about this relationship, saying, “Our determination clashes.”

Rob emphasized his gratitude for his wife’s importance in his life, saying, “This incredible woman has been my rescue in every conceivable way a woman can be a savior for a man.” During a talk with the radio personality, this sentiment was expressed.

Their artistic independence can be traced back to a CBS show Rob felt lacking in sincerity. “We had this CBS show that I felt was completely disconnected from reality,” he recalled. The network was hesitant, even recasting the character. They wanted authenticity, but selected an actress from Spain who didn’t capture the Mexican vibe we were looking for.” This encounter gave birth to “Real Rob,” a self-produced project that Netflix enthusiastically welcomed after only five minutes of viewing. In an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, Rob commented on this transforming experience, characterizing it as liberated and very joyful.

Their most recent collaboration is a podcast called “See What Happens,” in which they debate topics ranging from show business to contrasting parenting styles, humor, gastronomy, philosophy, and more.

Rob and Patricia’s relationship grows stronger as they negotiate family life and artistic collaborations. The future promises great possibilities for this dynamic combination, and we eagerly await their future undertakings.


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Let’s Meet Rob Schneider’s Ex-wives

Rob Schneider’s Relationship Story with Helena Schneider (2002 – 2005)


Rob Schneider’s story is distinguished by a notable episode in which he met his former spouse, Helena, in the year 2001. The historical details surrounding Helena are mostly hidden, as she lived a discreet existence before joining forces with Rob and during the ensuing ending of their relationship.

In the year 2002, the couple confirmed their love affair through a vow of marriage, afterward attending numerous high-profile events together. On numerous occasions, Helena regularly accompanied her stepdaughter, Elle King.

rob schneider’s wife

Despite projecting an image of calm and fondness, there were underlying problems burning under the surface of their marriage. The dissolution of Rob and Helena’s marriage occurred three years after their initial union, leading to their separation.

Following the dissolution of their marriage, Helena progressively retreated from the public sphere. The last documented instance of her public presence can be traced back to the year 2005, which happened to coincide with her separation from Rob. This occurrence took place during the premiere of the film “Deuce Bigalow.”

The precise factors leading to their breakup continue to be concealed and remain unknown to this day. Various conjectures were formulated by enthusiasts of the couple, encompassing a range of topics such as the absence of children in their marriage and the belief that Helena faced challenges with the public attention that came with her union to a prominent Hollywood actor.

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Rob Schneider’s Relationship Story with London King (1988 – 1990)

The unusual story of Rob Schneider’s amorous journey commenced in the year 1988 when he initially encountered his future spouse, London King. In a notable turn of events, their partnership deviated from societal norms as they declared their commitment a very few three days after their first meeting, which took place in the famous location of Las Vegas.

Shortly after their quick wedding, the couple had the delight of becoming parents with the arrival of their daughter, Tanner Elle Schneider. Subsequently, this individual’s daughter would attain a position of prominence in the music industry, adopting the name Elle King, and establishing her reputation as a remarkable artist.

In a 2015 interview with Billboard, Elle King openly disclosed her unique background, saying, “My birth occurred as a result of a marriage that took place in Las Vegas.” The individual provided further details regarding her parents’ unexpected choice to marry following a short period of dating.

Following a series of events, the marital union between Rob Schneider and London King ultimately came to an end, officially terminating in 1990 as a result of legal divorce proceedings. The precise reason for their separation was not revealed, however, London was granted custody of their daughter, which enabled the development of a tight mother-child relationship.

rob schneider’s wife

In her self-analysis, Elle King revealed that at reaching the age of majority, she made a conscious choice to assume her mother’s family name as a mark of respect for the loving care she received throughout her formative years in London. The decision was received favorably by her father, who supported her independence. She highlighted the importance of her decision in interviews, emphasizing her aspiration to establish her own unique personality.

London King, while her name implies a British heritage, actually comes from Ohio, United States of America. The individual’s professional trajectory commenced with a focus on modeling, where they were featured in a multitude of advertising campaigns representing a wide range of brands. Having begun on a career in acting, she appeared in numerous films before redirecting her attention away from the entertainment sector in 2003 to explore undertakings unrelated to the field.

Similar to Rob Schneider’s present state of satisfaction with his spouse Patricia and their daughters, London King has also discovered a sense of pleasure in her personal life. Since the year 2000, she has been in a state of contentment within her marital relationship with Justin Tesa, signifying a distinct phase subsequent to her previous union with Rob.

Rob Schneider Children

Rob and Patricia happily welcomed the birth of their first newborn, a female child given with the appellation Miranda Scarlett Schneider. During the announcement of the birth of their initial offspring, Rob expressed that “the global populace has now been enriched by an additional 7.6 pounds of aesthetic beauty.”

After a span of four years, the couple joyfully celebrated the arrival of their second offspring, Madeline Robbie Schneider. The little girls have made numerous appearances in their parents’ project, “Real Rob,” which has garnered significant admiration from fans due to their captivating and endearing personalities.

Prior to the arrival of Miranda and Madeline, Rob had already fathered a child named Elle King from his previous marital union with model London King. Unfortunately, their connection was not good. Elle, who has established a reputation in the music industry, referred to Rob as “a diligent individual who is highly committed to his work.”

However, following the births of Miranda and Madeline, Elle experienced a newfound understanding of priorities and endeavored to reestablish a connection with Rob. In an interview, Elle expressed her desire for her sisters to retain positive recollections of her from their formative years as they matured. “When considering the well-being of children, the irrelevant or deceptive aspects tend to diminish,” she further remarked.

The current state of the relationship between the father and daughter appears to be positive, as Elle disclosed that Rob Schneider serves as her primary source of support, often expressing his love and respect for her through text messages.

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1. What is the name of Rob Schneider’s first wife?

London King was Rob Schneider’s first wife. The couple met in 1988 and had a whirlwind affair, marrying only three days after meeting in Las Vegas. Tanner Elle Schneider, who subsequently became known as the musician Elle King, was born to them. The marriage of Rob and London terminated in divorce in 1990.

2. What is the name of Rob Schneider’s second wife?

Helena Schneider is Rob Schneider’s second wife. Helena is hardly recognized because she lived outside the spotlight before and after her marriage to Rob. The pair married a year after meeting in 2002, but their marriage was fraught with difficulties, and they divorced three years later.

3. Does Rob Schneider have any children from his marriages?

Yes, Rob Schneider has a daughter from his first marriage to London King. Tanner Elle Schneider, their daughter, is a professional musician known as Elle King. Rob and his second wife, Helena Schneider, have no children.

4. How did Rob Schneider’s marriage end?

Rob Schneider’s first marriage to London King ended in divorce. The particular grounds for their divorce were not made public. His second marriage, to Helena Schneider, also had difficulties, resulting in their divorce. The precise reasons for their breakup have likewise not been made public.

5. How is Rob Schneider’s relationship with his ex-wives now?

While specifics about Rob Schneider’s current connection with his ex-wives are scarce, it is clear that he has maintained a positive co-parenting relationship with them, particularly with regard to their daughter, Tanner Elle Schneider (Elle King). London King married Justin Tesa in 2000, while Helena Schneider has generally remained out of the public eye since her divorce from Rob.




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