Who is Parker Schnabel’s Wife? Is He Married or Not?

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Overview of the Profile



Net Worth

$8 Million

Date of Birth

July 22, 1994

Country of Origin

United States of America

Source of Wealth

Professional Gold Miner

Relationship Status




Who is Parker Schnabel?

Parker Schnabel, an Alaska native born on July 22, 1994, in the gorgeous town of Haines, rose to notoriety in the gold mining industry through his spectacular appearance in the hit over the years earning wide fame.

Parker’s unwavering persistence and astonishing successes in the field of gold finding have intrigued audiences and left an unforgettable impact on their minds.

Within the mining world, Parker is a revered and respected figure, revered for his unwavering dedication to his trade and revered as an influential name in the industry.

His amazing journey has secured his position as an iconic and renowned figure, eternally etched in the annals of gold mining history.

Parker Schnabel’s Wife

Who is Parker Schnabel’s Wife?

Parker Schnabel stayed unmarried, surprising his fans, leaving him with no named wife to refer to. He has been in various love relationships over the years, but none have progressed to the point of formal marriage. The gold digger has had the pleasure of dating a number of lovely ladies.

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Parker Schnabel’s Past Relationship

In Parker Schnabel’s personal life, the history of his romantic pursuits unfolds as a tale of ups and downs:

In the year 2010, fate intervened as Parker’s path crossed with Ashley Yule. Their meeting, like a destiny meeting orchestrated by the universe, marked the start of a promising chapter.

However, the road to love is rarely smooth, as the following year demonstrated. Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule’s once-promising relationship falls apart, putting their shared future in jeopardy.

As the sands of time continue to move, a new chapter begins in 2012. Parker gets discovered by Tyler Mahoney, an attractive Australian gold miner, and model, while attending the Discovery Channel’s Diggers convention in Las Vegas. The spark was instant, setting the path for a new passion that would leave an unforgettable effect on their lives.

Parker and Tyler went on a wonderful adventure together in 2013, fueling their love. They travel from the oceans to the land, traversing the enormous Australian landmass, meeting Tyler’s relatives, and learning the art of gold mining together. As beautiful nuggets fell into their hands, signifying their united victory and the blossoming of their love, the harvest of their efforts brought the sweet fruits of success.

Parker Schnabel’s Wife

Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney collaborated as two adventurous individuals over the years, painting the world through their common ideals. They traversed the world hand-in-hand, from the depths of one mining site to the next, documenting their adventures through the prism of social media, their digital footprints echoing the depth of their bond.

However, as the calendar changed to 2016, a raging storm loomed on the horizon. Despite the illusion of an unshakable friendship, rumors of betrayal begin to circulate. Parker realized the truth in early 2017 when Tyler’s infidelity with another man ruined their publicly treasured relationship. Waves of public scrutiny crashed onto their shores, exacerbating the agony of their public solitude.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Parker Schnabel in a relationship right now?

Parker Schnabel appears to be single today, but he was previously in a relationship with Ashley Yule, whom he met on the reality show Gold Rush.

Where Can I Find the Latest Information About Parker Schnabel’s Wife or Relationships?

Parker Schnabel’s marital status, current relationship, or any developments in his personal life should be obtained from official sources such as Parker Schnabel’s official social media accounts, verified interviews, or statements provided by reliable media outlets that specialize in covering his career and personal life.


Alaskan Parker Schnabel became famous during Gold Rush. Audiences remember his perseverance in Gold Digging. His partnerships have never led to marriage. The highlights:

  1. Parker Schnabel’s “Gold Rush” character as a determined gold miner made him famous.
    His perseverance and gold-finding success have enthralled spectators.
  2. Parker dated Ashley Yule from 2010 to 2012.
  3. Parker met Australian gold miner Tyler Mahoney in 2012 and traveled together in 2013.
  4. They learned gold mining while traveling the world.
  5. In 2017, Tyler’s adultery destroyed their publicly loved romance.
  6. Parker Schnabel is reportedly single.




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