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Today’s blog is about a famous basketball coach named Dusty May. Dusty Mays is the head men’s basketball coach at Florida Atlantic and today we get to know about his personal life, wife, kids, and profession. If you want additional information, keep reading till the conclusion.

Quick Facts

Real Name Dusty May
Nick Name Dusty May
Profession Build Basketball Coach
Date of Birth 30 December 1976
Birth Place United States
Age 46 years old
Parents Not know
Marital Status Married
Wife Anna May
Current Net worth $15 million approx
Height 5’ 7”
Weight in Kg 78 kg
School Name Eastern Greene High School
University Indiana University
Zodiac Sign N/A
Nationality American
Siblings N/A

Who is Dusty May?

Early life:

Dusty Mays worked as an assistant coach and associate head coach at Louisiana Tech for six years. During his final season with the Bulldogs, the team went 27-9, including 15-3 in C-USA, capturing the regular season championship by two games and finishing 17-0 unbeaten at home. A record is kept. From February 2012 until the end of the 2014-15 season, LA Tech dominated, winning 49 of 50 games. After reaching the Elite Eight in 2017, the Gators advanced to the second round of the competition this year. While working as a full-time assistant, Dusty May’s teams went 274-166 (.623 winning percentage).

Professional Life and Career:

Dusty May was the head coach of the men’s basketball team at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). He was appointed in March 2018, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and love for the game. He aspired to elevate the FAU Owls men’s basketball program during his tenure as head coach and lead the team to success in the competitive landscape of collegiate basketball.

dusty may wife

Dusty May had excellent coaching expertise at various colleges prior to joining Florida Atlantic. Notably, he served as an assistant coach at the University of Florida under legendary head coach Mike White for several years. May was active in formulating and guiding the Gators’ plans during his time with the team, which helped them achieve notable success in the NCAA.

Dusty May’s dedication to basketball and coaching expertise caught the attention and appreciation of the basketball world. His coaching style was defined by a focus on player development, team cohesion, and a fast-paced style of play, with an emphasis on both offensive and defensive abilities.

Dusty May has been praised throughout his career for his leadership abilities, dedication to player development, and dedication to the game. He became a role model for aspiring coaches and players, inspiring them to achieve success in both basketball and life.

Dusty May’s coaching career, like any other, was certainly filled with challenges, accomplishments, and opportunities for growth. His impact on the lives of the athletes and the basketball programs he led will surely live on.

I recommend checking reliable news sources, the official website of Florida Atlantic University athletics, or any recent interviews or statements given by Dusty May himself, for the latest and up-to-date information regarding Dusty May’s professional life and career.

Achievements and Net Worth:

While his net worth is unknown, we think he might earn as much as $15 million by March 2023.

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Who is Dusty May’s Wife?

Dusty May is a devoted husband to his wife. Dusty May is married to Anna Nonte, a Bloomfield resident who works as an operative therapist. Dusty and Anna have three children, and all five of them call Boca Raton, Florida, home.

How Dusty May and His Wife Met for the First Time? (Love Story)

Dusty May and his wife, Ana Nonte, had a great love tale, and Destiny played an important role in it. Dusty and Anna’s story begins in elementary school, where they attended the same classes and had similar childhood experiences. They had no clue that their friendship would blossom into a deep love that would withstand the test of time when they first met.

Dusty May, a brilliant Bloomfield operative, was the ideal match for Anna Nonte. Over time, the young couple’s love grew stronger, forming a bond that could withstand any storm. Dusty and Anna live a lovely life together in Boca Raton, Florida, focused on love, family, and shared ambitions.

Fate brought them together again the year of their graduation when they were surrounded by their loved ones in a touching ceremony that testified to their lifelong commitment. Their wedding was more than just a uniting of two individuals; it was a celebration of their evolution from childhood friends to soul mates. Dusty and Anna May have three boys, Jack, Charlie, and Eli, who they married in 2000.

Dusty and Anna’s love grew stronger with time, as evidenced by their three children’s sparkling smiles, which offered them much joy and meaning. Dusty and Anna’s unfailing support for one another acted as a guiding light during the ups and downs of their relationship, strengthening it.

Dusty May and Anna Nonte are a beacon of hope in a world where stories of eternal love are few and far between – a testament to the enduring power of true love and the beauty of companionship. Their love story continues to inspire all who come after them, telling us all that when two hearts find their way back to each other, the journey becomes an incredible experience of love and togetherness.

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Do Dusty May Have Kids?

Meet Dusty Mays, a devoted parent and former basketball fan whose life is inextricably linked with sports. Dusty and his wife Anna have three wonderful sons: Jack May, Charlie May, and Eli May. His family’s journey, as recorded on Dusty’s Facebook page, is a monument to the power of enthusiasm and determination in developing young talent.

Jack May was Born on January 30, 2003, Jack May was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dusty introduced Jack to the world of basketball at an early age and it didn’t take long for the young talented player to fall in love with the game. Jack’s path led him to the Florida Gators, who represent the prestigious University of Florida in the NCAA divisions. Dusty’s heart leaps with pride as he watches his son excel on the court.

dusty may wife

Charlie May Dusty and Anna’s second son, Charlie May, was born on September 18, 2004. Charlie became interested in basketball after seeing his older brother Jack’s successes. Charlie had outstanding ability and potential as an amateur player at St Andrew’s School, causing his parents to be filled with joy and hope for his future in the sport.

Eli May was born on May 4, 2006, to a trio of great basketball fans. Despite being the youngest, Eli is the most determined and dedicated to the sport among his siblings. Following in Jack and Charlie’s footsteps, Eli is already making a name for himself in the Junior Basketball League as a key member of the Scots JV team.

Dusty’s Facebook page is a wonderful mosaic of treasured memories, filled with many images of May’s children’s development and basketball accomplishments. From emotional family moments to action-packed photos on the court, Dusty captures every precious moment that defines their unique family bond.

The May family’s path into basketball has been nothing short of miraculous. Dusty’s unwavering support and belief in his sons have helped foster a legacy of talent and sportsmanship. Dusty looks forward to watching the May brothers’ future victories with great pride and love as they make their way into the world of basketball. Dusty May’s children’s story is an example of the courage, dedication, and enduring power of family that continues to inspire aspiring young athletes around the world.

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1. Who are Dusty May and Anna Nonte?

Coach Dusty Mays is a collegiate basketball coach who served as an assistant coach at the University of Florida before taking over as head coach at Florida Atlantic University. He met his wife, Anna Nonte when she was a player on the Florida women’s basketball team and he was an assistant coach.

2. When and How Did Dusty and Anna Meet?

Dusty and Anna met when she was a member of the University of Florida women’s basketball team and he was an assistant coach. They first met casually but got to know each other better when Anna came to his office to watch movies with him. They started dating after Ana completed his senior year and have been together ever since.

3. How Do Dusty and Anna Manage Their Burgeoning Careers While Maintaining Their Relationship?

Dusty and Anna both have busy college basketball careers, but they emphasize their love by making time for each other whenever possible. They have a rule that they will not go more than two weeks without seeing each other in person, and they make time for phone calls and video chats when they are unable to be together. They also encourage each other’s careers and try to attend each other’s games whenever possible.

4. What Role Does Basketball Play in Dusty and Anna’s Relationship?

Answer: Basketball was important in Dusty and Anna’s relationship because they met through the sport. They both have a deep passion for basketball and a common sense of the hardships and sacrifices that come with competing at the highest level. They have both coached at the college level as well, giving them the opportunity to share their passion for basketball at the professional level.

5. What Can We Understand From Dusty and Anna’s Love Story?

Answer: Dusty and Anna’s love story shows that true love can happen in unexpected ways and that it is important to prioritize the people and things that matter most to us. They also show the value of supporting each other’s interests and aspirations while making time for the relationship. Overall, their story is a reminder that anything is possible with love.



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