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Susie Hariet, a bright character in the entertainment industry, plays the adoring wife of none other than British actor Dan Stevens. She entered this world on December 22, 1975, carrying with her the rich tapestry of her South African ancestors, an actress and jazz vocalist with great talent, presently blooming brightly at 47 years old.

Their romantic love story took an enticing turn in 2009 when they began on the journey of nuptials. Since then, their lives have been beautifully arranged by the joint delight of parenting three amazing children.

Dan Stevens’ and his beloved wife’s names have become like constellations in the glittering world of entertainment, recognizable to all who navigate the cosmos of talent. Dan’s career climbed to astronomical heights when he brought Matthew Crawley to life, engraving his name in the annals of international acclaim with the acclaimed series Downton Abbey. Susie Hariet, a star in her own right, has spun her own story in entertainment, an artist who has engraved her initials into the ever-changing script of fame.

 Duration of Susie Hariet’s Marriage to Dan Stevens?

Susie Harriet and her spouse, Dan Stevens, have been in a relationship for a duration of 13 years. The initial encounter between the pair occurred in 2006, during their respective engagements in separate theatrical shows in Sheffield, England. During that particular period, Susie had recently embarked on her acting profession, but Dan had accumulated approximately seven years of experience in the field. In the present context, it is worth mentioning that Susie possesses a substantial age advantage over her spouse, Stevens, as she is seven years his senior. Stevens, whose birth occurred on 10 October 1982 in Croydon, London, is the subject of this discussion.

dan stevens wife

Nevertheless, this circumstance has not hindered the successful development of their marital union. Indeed, the link between them and the affection they share for one another has consistently deepened over time. The individuals engaged in conversation at their initial encounter, and by the conclusion of that day, they came to the realization that they had developed romantic feelings for one another. The commencement of their love story occurred in the manner and timeframe specified, subsequently leading to a three-year period of dating.

Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens were united in matrimony during a discreet wedding ceremony held in September 2009. During the conversation with Telegram, Dan expressed that the initial encounter with Harriet was characterized by a swift connection, and he considers himself fortunate to be in a marital relationship with her. The actor expressed gratitude for being fortunate enough to be married to an individual who had a comprehensive understanding of their profession. The couple has a high level of mutual understanding and support for one other’s professional pursuits. The individuals in question have been frequently observed in each other’s company during various public gatherings and formal occasions.

Susie Hariet’s and Dan Steven’s Kids

The marital union of Susie Harriet and Dan Stevens has been graced with the presence of three loving children, including two daughters and one son. During the period of their nuptials, Susie was already in a state of pregnancy with their first offspring, Willow, who was subsequently born three months subsequent to the matrimonial ceremony in December of 2009. Their first kid, Aubrey, was born in August 2012, and their final child, a daughter named Eden, was received in 2016.

dan stevens wife

The individuals named Willow, Aubrey, and Eden are presently 13, 11, and 7 years of age, correspondingly. Susie and her spouse have a preference for maintaining a private sphere surrounding their familial affairs and offspring, hence resulting in a dearth of accessible information concerning their children.

Following the birth of their child, the couple decided to move from London to New York. The current residence of the family, consisting of five members, is situated in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, where they coexist harmoniously. In addition, the pair has chosen South Africa as a secondary residence, periodically allocating a significant amount of time in Johannesburg.


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Frequently asked questions

1. How Did Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens Meet?

The details of how Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens met are not widely known. However, they got married in 2009, suggesting that their paths likely crossed before that, possibly within the context of their careers or social circles.

2. What is Susie Hariet’s Background in the Entertainment Industry?

Susie Hariet is a multi-talented individual with a background in both acting and jazz singing. While she may be less famous than her husband Dan Stevens, she has managed to establish her own name in the world of showbiz through her unique skills and contributions.

3. How Many Children Do Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens Have?

Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens share three children together. The couple’s journey into parenthood has added another layer of fulfillment and joy to their lives.

4. What is the Role of Susie Harriet in Dan Stevens’ Career?

While Dan Stevens is a well-known British actor, Susie Hariet might have played a more behind-the-scenes role in his career. While specific details may vary, partners often provide invaluable support, stability, and inspiration in each other’s professional journeys.

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