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Profile Summary

Full Name Jean Christensen
Nick Name Jean
Profession Modeling, Public Relations
Date of Birth N/a
Country United States of America
Jean Christensen Father N/a
Jean Christensen Mother N/a
Nationality USA
Home Town USA
Jean Christensen religion N/a
Daughter Robin Christensen
Jean Christensen famous for Wife of Andre the Giant
Death 2008
Favorite actor Oprah Winfrey
Favorite food Seafood

Who was Andre the Giant?

André the Giant, real name André René Roussimoff, was a professional boxer and actor. He was born in France and rose to international notoriety as a result of his enormous height and strength. He grew into a spiritual force, measuring over seven feet tall and weighing more than 500 pounds.

Andre the Giant Wife

His incredible physique earned him the title “Eighth Wonder of the World.” André wrestled for many wrestling organizations over the span of several decades, including the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

He gained notoriety in the entertainment industry and is largely recognized as one of the all-time great wrestlers. Andre was also interested in acting, and he starred in “The Princess Bride” in 1987. Unfortunately, Andre died in 1993, leaving a significant legacy in the professional wrestling and entertainment realms.

Who was André the Giant Wife?

Jean Christensen gained widespread recognition as the esteemed spouse of a renowned French wrestler hailing from the United States.

Her prominence soared due to her association with Andre the Giant, a highly acclaimed and accomplished figure in the world of French professional wrestling and acting. Jean’s heritage can be traced back to her Caucasian roots, and she proudly holds American citizenship.

Jean Christensen’s Relationship with Her Husband and All About Her Journey

Jean Christensen met her future husband in the early 1970s while working as a public relations representative for WWE. Although she briefly worked as a model, her greatest claim to fame was her relationship with one of the most notable men of the day.

Jean and André became acquainted before embarking on a romantic journey, laying the groundwork for their growing relationship. The news of Jean Christensen’s relationship with André the Giant thrust her into the spotlight for the first time. Their relationship began to take shape around 1972–1973, marking a watershed moment in Jean’s life.

While they did marry, their relationship was never legally recognized. It’s important to note that André had a daughter named Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, whom Jean bore as his only biological child. However, André originally refused to officially recognize Robin as his own. They eventually had a paternity test to establish their familial ties. Despite their familial ties, father and daughter had few encounters, meeting only a few times throughout Robin’s life.

Jean Christensen’s Parenting and Family Life

Jean Christensen, most known for her relationship with wrestling icon André the Giant, was also an active mom and member of her family. Despite the difficulties that occurred as a result of their unusual circumstances, Jean accepted her position as a mother and worked hard to provide a caring and supportive environment for her daughter, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff.

Andre the Giant Wife

When Robin was born, Jean’s journey as a parent began, while André first refused to publicly acknowledge his daughter. Jean, on the other hand, was committed to providing Robin with a secure and fulfilling upbringing. André’s hard schedule and worldwide recognition frequently kept him away from home for extended periods of time.

Despite the physical distance, Jean worked hard to build a bond between Robin and her father. André’s biological relationship with Robin was proven via a paternity test. Jean worked to encourage communication and preserve a link between father and daughter despite their limited interactions, with Robin allegedly meeting her father only a handful of times.

Jean’s love for her family stretched beyond her immediate relatives. She worked hard to keep Robin out of the public eye and the media spotlight that unavoidably enveloped André the Giant. Jean’s protective instincts allowed Robin to grow up feeling normal, sheltering her from the pressures that come with being the kid of a celebrity.

Jean Christensen’s Lifestyle and Interests

Outside of wrestling, Jean pursued personal interests and hobbies. She worked briefly as a model, demonstrating her versatility and elegance. She also found satisfaction in things such as reading, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

Jean Christensen’s life centered around her family, her wrestling enthusiasm, and her pursuit of personal interests. Her ability to balance all parts of her life displayed her versatility and dedication to living a satisfying and well-rounded existence.

Jean Christensen’s Professional Life and Career

Gene Christensen’s professional life centered around his position as a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) public relations representative. She began the wrestling profession in the early 1970s, taking on the responsibility of managing the organization’s public image and promotional operations. Her expertise in media relations and strategic communication was important in enhancing the profiles of numerous wrestlers and promoting the WWE brand.

Andre the Giant Wife

Jean had previously worked as a model, demonstrating her versatility and talent to the fashion world. Despite the fact that her modeling career was brief, it gave her tremendous knowledge and insight into the entertainment world.

Jean served as a public relations agent for WWE and its wrestlers, scheduling interviews, managing press releases, and handling media engagements. His exceptional ability to create relationships and craft appealing narratives aided in shaping public opinion of the company and its skills.

Gene’s passion and expertise earned her a reputation in the wrestling community as a superb public relations practitioner. Her unique blend of athleticism and flair, combined with his ability to negotiate the volatile world of professional wrestling, made him an important addition to WWE during his time.

While Jean’s professional life was primarily focused on her employment in the wrestling industry, her role as André the Giant’s wife increased her public visibility and prominence. His affiliation with one of wrestling’s most illustrious figures solidified his place in the professional wrestling world.

Gene Christensen displayed her ability as a strong public relations professional throughout her career, contributing to the success and marketing of WWE and its performers. His impact and contributions behind the scenes helped shape the public’s perception of the wrestling profession as a whole.

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Did Andre the Giant have any children?

André the Giant did have one biological daughter, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff. Jean Christensen, André’s long-term girlfriend, is her mother. André initially refused to recognize Robin as his daughter. A paternity test, however, was performed to establish their biological relationship. André is known as Robin’s father, despite their few interactions during her life.

How did André the Giant and his wife, Jean Christensen, meet?

Jean Christensen initially came across André the Giant while working as a public relations agent for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in the early 1970s. Their paths collided in the wrestling industry, and they struck up a friendship that blossomed into a romantic relationship.

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